Summer Academy 2018 Brandenburg

Summer Academy OPEN AIR

KUNSTGUT Brandenburg
Frank Pieperhoff
Unter den Linden 13
16928 Groß Pankow – Prignitz (Ortsteil Dannhof)
Summeracademy Brandenburg (simple sleeping place for free, Food/10.- €/day)
Stone, Wood, Painting, Basic Skills, Photography, Performance, and more

3 days to 14 days individually selectable
Period A:
June 25th to July 8th.
Period B:
August 20th to September 30th
The workshops take place in our large country house in the Prignitz / Brandenburg. Last year it was a great introduction!! Dannhof (Groß Pankow) is based between Berlin and Hamburg.
Dannhof (Groß Pankow) between Berlin and Hamburg. The Prignitz is extremely rural and sparsely populated. People who would like to see it how the land around Berlin looks and want to see how life turns out there are exactly right. Almost nobody comes here! Just right for a while to concentrate on the art! Otherwise there is only nature and space.
Participants will receive from us a bed, but not a single room. In particular, the living and sleeping situation will be very improvised and easily - around a lot of construction. Who needs comfort, can rent a room in a nearby hotel. But often is just the improvised very cozy. The food we cook ourself.
Our house is a small castle. We will renovate piece by piece. Even now the vaulted cellar is a wonderful exhibition and event venue for art and concerts.

Stone by Frank Pieperhoff
The workshop Stone Sculpture is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. In other words, no previous experience is needed, stones and tools are provided. Instruction includes technical and- even more importantly – advice on the artistic design.
Working with stone is a good combination of craftsmanship and mental analysis.
other techinques: Painting, Steel, Wood, plaster, photo....

contact us: info(add)

contact us: info(add)