Study of Fine Art

Study of art, project study, post study

The study is based on an individually designed program. In principle, there is no clear distinction here. So the academically trained Japanese artist Kazuhiko Isogawa is working for one year in the KUNSTGUT to go deeper into his work, but also to rethink his basics; other students start with their artistic work or others already have a certain knowledge because of an artistic profession - such as designers, cameraman, etc. . In the KUNSTGUT that at all does not matter!

The KUNSTGUT teachers try to accompany the students on an elementary and highly conscious reflecting niveau which is interesting for all artistic levels. It is for example my wish to inspire a very experienced artist, whose interest is primarily in new media, to make a drawing of a simple cup. This is a highly complex process, one act of physical activity, an act of perception, a complex structure of preliminary decisions and it is an encounter with reality - after all, every cup has a past, a presence and a future. That applies to virtually every pictorial process. It is all about one thing: to structure the artistic work correctly. And that means to analyze the individual elements and to define  precisely the working fields. Exactly this is artistic working. All this takes time, because it is hard to actually see the key issues. This development is not possible without wrong turns. It is important to get to know many things - even to know what you do not want. We, the lecturers accompany this process with our different personalities and perspectives.

With the KUNSTGUT Academy we would like to support this important research. I want to support the students who we, the lecturers, see as an equal partner. We want the students to become brilliant. There is no place for modesty, there is no place for art only on the surface - which I do not care about anyway. It must be the best of the best! That is why the most important teachers are not primarily the lecturers, but the best and most intense artists of all mankind from all times and places. That is the right and only yardstick! However, the international level of our teaching artist is excellent!

With the KUNSTGUT Academy we try to create the optimum conditions for this. This includes a relaxed and good atmosphere, a balanced and selected range of seminars, lecturers, who know exactly what they are talking about and maximum flexibility without bureaucratic ways. The individual needs of the students art taken into account: the desire for special seminar topics, the wish for internal or public events such as exhibitions and performances.

Project and Post Study

Requirements Foundation class or foundation study or another art education
Who Advanced beginners, professionells
Staring dates April and October
Enrolling process Statement of motivation and goals, complete vita, ten exemples of drawings/paintings, registration after confirmation the application
Main focus Are determined by every individual
Cetificate KUNSTGUT examination: "Absolvent des Studiums der freien Künste"
(KUNSTGUT is a private project based of the unique conception of Frank Pieperhoff, there is no possibility to offer official licensed certifications)