Fundamental Study

The KUNSTGUT is a unique space which opens new spaces in your mind. This is making art! I try to help to find tools for that and explain how this tools are working.
Learning basic skills of the visual arts means to get started on your own journey, to discover your own artistic language. It also means an examination of the "Old Masters", who can teach us practical, sensible, economic and diverse methods of  making pictures, and is part of the foundation of our culture. This course can be seen as the optimal prerequisite for all other courses of Fine Arts.
Technical skills are an important tool on the path to creative freedom. The students study the different possibilities of certain approaches and materials, following a structured and logical lesson program. The focus is primarily on drawing and painting, with a sub-focus on sculpture. We employ a small team of professional artists on a rotational basis, allowing you the chance to build a useful professional relationship with them.
Learning to paint and draw is not a journey with a fixed plan. Each person’s development is entirely unique and it can be difficult to quantify how long it will take and by which means. It takes time and patience in order to discover your way. Not to mention, the courage to take risks! The KUNTSGUT is a space in which you can freely and without fear deepen your experimentation in different directions, with the constant guidance of our friendly and experienced tutors, alongside a peer group of all ages and from all over the world!


Please contact us if you are interested. Feel free ask any questions. We will try to answer all of your questions, and send you a registration form. Once you have completed the formed, you can email it back to us. The registration is completed once the payment has been received.

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