Frank Pieperhoff

With technical, practical work I try to create images that are maximally intense by themselves. This practice I run varied: painting, drawing, photography, stone sculpture, object art, installation, performance, text, sound, electronic and acoustic guitar music.

To reach this goal I am looking for the most accurate representation of the existence, as I experience it.  To achieve this aim I choose among all creative means that are available: when I see a way I explore it as intense as possible.

This is an approach with regards to content, which results in a never-ending formal study.

A formal restriction is inconceivable to me. It is essential that there must be an inner and clear stance as a source and reason for the artistic work. This inner attitude produces a wide variety of forms, can even form a seeming contradiction: for example, abstract or representational are no “positions” to me, but different paths to the same goal. This is to me the artistic freedom. A freedom that you have to work on hard, over and over again.

The KUNSTGUT Academy of Fine Arts is a living result of my work. The various personalities of my students are challenging me over and over again to find new answers to fundamental questions of sense and necessity.

Frank Pieperhoff