In September 2017 I will run  4 exiting weeks in the studio in Berlin.
After this the studioplace will change to my studioplace outside of Berlin in Groß Pankow. There we create an interessting an special Art Space.
New students have the chance to participate on the classes in Berlin in September for 4 weeks. This september course I offer for 700.-€.
The schedule from October will be based for the new students on a system of daily, weekend and weekclasses. This is the whole day, you can sleep there. This I will work out exacly with the students directly in September.
To start in October is not possible. From October until March I only work with students starting allready in September.
Starting from April 2018 I take new students.
So you have the chance to enroll for September. You can book the course for 700.-€ (normal fee 4 weeks 990€).
There is place to take some new students for September.