Two year foundation course

Join the two year foundation course “Classical Techniques of Art”

Frank Pieperhoff

Leader of KUNSTGUT – Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin.


The people are very different, everyone has his or her own story.

Summer Academy 2015

Do you desire to spend the summer making art?


There is a generous working space of approx. 220 square metres at the disposal of the students.

Open Studio 13th - 15th March 2015

Die KUNSTGUT Akademie lädt zum Offenen Atelier ein!
Betrachten sie Bildwerke von den Studenten und Dozenten, kommen sie herein, wir sagen: Hallo!
Bringen sie ihre eigenen Bilder mit – Sie werden jemanden für ein interessantes Gespräch finden!
Lassen Sie uns über den Sinn, Nutzen und die Notwendigkeit von Kunst für alle Menschen sprechen!
Bringen Sie ihre Kinder, Eltern und Freunde mit – jeder ist willkommen!

Summer Academy 2015

Do you desire to spend the summer making art?
Or are you thinking about going into the arts?
The KUNSTGUT summer academy is designed to inspire and motivate students to be creative. Lectures at KUNSTGUT School of Contemporary Art will give you high-quality impulses. You will work in the large KUNSTGUT studio.

The next summer courses take place from 7 July to 28 August 2015.

more space - good vibration - concentrated work

Now - after the first days of the new KUNSTGUT Academy - it feels all very good. KUNSTGUT Academy comes in a new position. The 11 years KUNSTGUT with the huge experience in combination with the vision burning in my head since I make art - it seems to run to an absolutly unique result.

KUNSTGUT is a conception - a conception of connecting the different forms of the arts. We - the humen existence - are moving between them and try to find our place. The artists of the contemporary time creating a garden with different areas. This is a chance, a chance to speak in a very peaceful language over all things are really going with our human existence. The art show us how difficult it is to get a clear view - and even difficult to create an authentic space. We work with all sense and inteligence we have - and if we are buisy with that this resource only will grow.

Frank Pieperhoff


The small and private KUNSTGUT Academy of Fine Arts enables this highly individual but in the same time structural work, which art needs: KUNSTGUT offer own working places, an very individually structure and a practical analysis of many aspects of the visual arts.

Frank Pieperhoff
Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 42/44
Haus 6 (Building 6)
10829 Berlin

phone +49 30 78892800
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