Short Time Study:

4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

8 weeks



KUNSTGUT – a unique and new system to creating art for the future:

Deepest foundation you can find - in a practically and contemporary way

Substantial drawing and painting skills transformed to installation, new media, performance, text, sound, drawing and painting again.......

Develop your art in every direction and set your benchmark in the right relation to the old and new masterpieces of 500 years art history

We rediscover the foundations of visual art!

Located in the diverse neighborhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany, KUNSTGUT School of Contemporary Art is an international art school. KUNSTGUT welcomes highly motivated and talented students. The courses offered are geared towards individuals at different levels of artistic experience, from undergraduate to postgraduate.

By virtue of its small size, Kunstgut provides a supportive, and close-knit community of young artists. Its intimate atmosphere allows students and professors to develop close relationships. It’s small size also provides students with the opportunity of getting in depth feedback form their peers and teachers.

KUNSTGUT – International Art Project